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April 11th, 2011 by Jean
Welcome to my new website and the beginning of my blogging career.  Although I regularly post on FaceBook and the Huffington Post, from now on,  I  will be  present here also with ideas, evocations, exercises, mind quakes and soul crafts.  In other words, my blog will offer you the kitchen sink in the House of Many Mansions!

I hope you will tune in here regularly for the latest excursions into worlds within worlds. And why not?

After all, we find ourselves in the middle of the most massive shift in perspective that human kind has ever known. We are at that stage where the real work of humanity begins. How do we  prepare ourselves to be creative and active stewards at this time of extraordinary change and challenge? In this blog I hope to suggest to you methods and trainings that extend body, mind, and soul in essential ways for those committed to making a profound difference in self, society, and the world.

There are essential methods to enter into the creative realms of the mind wherein one finds the unexpected universe available to you for information, high creativity, and spiritual sustenance.

Do send me your thoughts for things you would like explored, discussed, re-invented.

And remember, do not lose heart. You were made for these times!

~Jean Houston


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13 Responses to “Welcome to the Mythic Life Blog”

  1. Jenny Bowler says:

    It is so exciting that you will be able to share across the universe, your deep wisdom. I am going to see The Tutankhamun exhibition here in Melbourne this week and will think of you and your amazing book The Passion of Isis & Osiris, which had a profound impact on me……….as I stepped though the exercises in the book. I so look forward to reading what guidance for might provide here. For me at this moment I am brought to an inquiry about grounding and making sacred my connection to the Earth, with the word “restoration” appearing in my dreams last night. So any rituals or work around our connections here to Earth and each other ~ restoring the imbalances……….would be greatly appreciated. In honour and awe of your great feminine wisdom, Jenny Bowler

  2. Adele Gruber says:

    What a grand way to stay connected with your ongoing inspiration Jean. I was worrying what would happen after the Salon calls end. Much Love Adele

  3. Adelheid says:

    Hello Jean,

    thank you for the reminder:
    “And remember, do not lose heart. You were made for these times!“
    I need it all the time……
    And thank you for sharing your deep work with us…. I would love to help to spread it in my countries…..
    With much appreciation and gratitude

  4. WELL-come to your OWN blog! I offer LOVE, support, & GRATITUDE…You opened many worlds for me when I was a young woman student member of AHP more than 3 decades ago…the methods & training that you taught me then helped me extend my body, mind, & soul in essential ways–both as an artist & messenger & as one who assisted others–as a trainer & consultant–to make profound changes in self, society, & our world…HAPPY to be bathing in this Kitchen Sink at this moment in my life!

  5. Rivka says:

    Hello dear Jean

    Congratulations for the new blog.
    I’ve recently graduated your 7 weeks webinar, Awakening To Your Life purpose.
    I am still revisiting and practicing the lessons, as I find them most enriching and timely.

    Looking forward to catch up with your spirited explorations.


  6. Aurora Rey says:

    Hello Jean,
    Thank you very much for this blog and sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences. It is a great place to learn and see life from a different perspective. I found your work (books and website) just a couple of weeks ago and I am enjoying it very much. I’m reading “A mythic Life” at the moment because I am looking for inspiration to recognize my own archetypes. If you could include some suggestions or ideas to do so would be great!.
    Thanks again for this space and to share it with us!

  7. Hooray, Jean..glad you have moved to your own blog site. I look forward

  8. Camille says:

    do not lose heart we were made for these times … Thank you!!

    dear jean houston,

    i am most interested in keeping up w/your new wonderful blog … funny, i just began blogging myself … i’ll need to come here and be inspired … i would enjoy hearing about our greatest gift … love … and all you care to share …


    ps: i am taking a weekend at april’s end at garrison ny … i so look forward sharing experiences w/many …

  9. Gabriel moss says:

    What a treasure you are Jean. I look forward to exploring this tresurchest often. – Gabriel

  10. Gail says:

    I am so happy to be attending the seminar this week with you and Peggy…it is Tuesday Night and I am still processing the day. This is an amazing seminar to learn about Woman Mystics and their lives….

  11. I identify personally with your brilliant piece Jean. There is this golden thread in the order of awakening, from childlike wonder to servant of All that Is, that seems to run through so many of the spiritual practices. Being from the west I most identify with the Christian Judaic path and Mystical Christianity which Jung, Helen Luke and Laurens Van der Post capture so beautifully to me.
    Thank you for your wisdom and knowledge. It is an honor to have your teachings, especially in the world we live in today.

  12. Robin says:


    You are a magnificent explorer and creator of divine writings that feel otherworldly and too, from the heart. Thank you for the soul of you in expression.

  13. Flo Schell says:

    Dear Jean…Bravo! on your new blog.

    You are a mythic being staying current with the times.

    Thank you for this gentle and generous reminder:

    “And remember, do not lose heart. You were made for these times!”

    You have been instrumental in my personal blossoming and I am so grateful.

    Love to you,


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