My parable on what it is all about!

June 1st, 2011 by Jean

In the beginning there were and continue to be the Great Gardeners who live in the Metaverse, a vast farm fertile with energy, creativity, intelligence, and love. The Gardeners decide to plant a new garden in a field of the farm’s limitless, nested universes. They begin with a infinitesimally tiny seed, a microcosm coded with the energy resources to flower into a richly varied cosmos. So potent is the ground, so ready is the seed, that once planted, it bursts its pod with an explosion of light and energy.

And lo, the infinitesimal seed sprouts into a great tree that holds in its branches a trillion galaxies, each blossoming with a hundred billion or more stars. Whirlwinds of energy swirling through the branches coalesce into biosystems of planetary scale, each home to billions of organisms that balance each other in self-sustaining ecological webs. Nourishing each bud of this immense flowering is the great tree, which links every expression of the garden’s unfolding in energetic resonance, such that anything that happens in any part is known instantaneously to the whole.

As the budding life forms of the biospheres complexify, the most advanced among them jump first into awareness of themselves and then into awareness of the Great Gardeners who planted them. Problems that arise at each stage of their growth create opportunities for learning, experimentation, and new expression leading the advancing ones to deeper and more profound understanding of themselves and their world. As this understanding grows, they develop ways to meet their physical needs with less and less expenditure of energy and resources, so that more and more of their awareness can be devoted to tending the garden of their consciousness and culture. Soon, the winds of the technology they have evolved are cross-pollinating the flowers of many places and knowings.

Venturing out to explore the worlds of the very large and the very small, first in their imaginations and then through their technological advances, these adventurous ones come to discover the wonders of the cosmic tree. They begin to understand that all life is engaged in a process of continuous creation and that birth, growth, death, and new birth are all expressions of energy in motion. They come to see that the cosmos both within and without is a living organism, a single unified garden, recreated in its entirety moment by moment by the love and intelligence of the Gardeners which flows continuously through the Great Tree like nourishing sap.

They discover, further, that along with the knowledge of the Great Tree comes a radical freedom. They know themselves to be free to make mistakes, to face evil, and to experience suffering, for suffering is the inevitable consequence of the great potential of their seeded nature, locked into a still maturing consciousness. Yet, over time, as their scope of vision widens, these beings evolve toward transcending their suffering. As they do, they come to a more and more expansive understanding of who they are and what they yet may be and do.

Knowing at last that all is within all, the totality present in each part and each part fully connected to the whole, these beings—and we are they—move beyond the limited conceptions of the local laws of form and gain access to the very patterns of creation. With this knowledge, they join the Gardeners in their task of planning and planting cosmic gardens and nourishing them with their own intelligence and love. And so, the cosmos continues to bloom.

The cosmic story which I have told is itself a hologram for living in Jump Time. It reminds us that we, too, are Gardeners who can farm the fields of space/time, the generative ground of our being, creating gardens of consciousness, landscapes filled with the blossoms of our minds and spirits. Tending the gardens of our lives involves a kind of cosmic yoga; we yoke ourselves back to remembering that we are made of the same stuff as the Metaverse from which we continuously arise second by second. We share its body; we are woven into the fabric of its infinite ecology; the productions of our hands and minds are an aspect of its creation and live in eternity. We know ourselves, then, as resonant waves of the original seed, infinite beings who contain in our body-minds the design of creation itself, planted in the field of this particular space-time and sustained by a dynamic flow-through of cosmic energy.

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2 Responses to “My parable on what it is all about!”

  1. Thank you Dr. Jean Houston..This CREATION MYTH is more to my way of knowing things. I love your dramatic storytelling and your creative life’s work – helping all of us understand our PURPOSE.

    When I studied in your Mystery School in the 70’s – I found myself and have continued on being a healer/teacher in multi-intelligences, integrated arts and science therapies for parents, children, teens, adults and crones. Shamanic Theatre is my daily breath. Produced many plays with metaphysical grounding. Love you for all you have given me. Thank you. P.S. Received the Life Time Achievement Award from the Utah Dance Educator Organization – and, still showing up to groups of children everyday – THANKS TO YOU! “DANCE IS THE PLAY OF LIFE ENERGIES – NATURE, EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING TEACHES : WHAT ARE WE LEARNING” is my question every day.

    Munay ki,
    Miss Pearl

  2. Jenna Ludwig says:


    What a beautiful synchronicity to read this blog post at this time as I have been carrying on a discussion with a friend, saying much the same thing about our suffering being an opportunity for new growth and service.



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