God and the gods

September 23rd, 2011 by Admin

Katzanzakis once said that we in our time will become the Saviors of God. No longer great dependencies, they are ready to be incarnated. Before, they were there as archetypal forms, probably having their own ontological existence, be it as historical persona like Jesus in whom a great amount of psychic energy was invested, or as trans-historical and purely mythic beings like Isis to whom also an immense amount of psychological energy was given. These energies constellated in the depths of human psyches, institutions, and cultures, creating a morphogenetic field which gave remarkable feedback and sustenance to the believer. Of course people saw saints floating in trees, feathered serpents, numinous ladies in grottos, showers of gold. In a field of belief which is strong enough, almost anything can constellate to be experienced, and almost anything does. To merely label it “hallucination” is like calling uproarious and joyous laughter the product of fifteen muscles interacting with altered breathing.

And now we are in the time of incarnation, the time of the crossing of the threshold into the metamorphosis of the Gods into co-creative agents. Thus we have access to a deeper strata of psychogenetic material to be woven into human form and function, material which could not be received by many until we had the global village, the rise of women to full partnership with men, the miniaturization of technology and the paradigms of a science that gives us the universe in a grain of sand, and finally, the re-evolution of human capacities and human aspiration. Now that we can take on the depth and complexity of the larger psyche the old gods are thrusting up their faces to be re-grown as well — Athena, Zeus, Krishna, Kali, Inanna, Kundalini. Or DNA, RNA, the power of the atom, intergalactic nebula.

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