Redesigning Ourselves

April 21st, 2011 by Jean

For decades I have been working full time to discover the underlying codes of how to live a truly remarkable life. From my research and travels all over the world, I have guided thousands of research subjects and well over a million seminar participants to redesign themselves as more possible humans. A tragic discovery is that we humans endure the loss of many exquisite abilities, and many balanced and beautiful ways of functioning have become distorted, inhibited, or blocked. Since we humans are infinitely variable, so too the losses are different from person to person, and from culture to culture. But few of us have escaped serious crippling. Almost everybody is much less than he or she has the capacity to be. Enough of this!

In this time of change and complexity we need to use capacities that we never knew we had, or ones rarely used, even perhaps lost since childhood. We might refer to these capacities as evolutionary accelerators. They propel us from beneath the surface crust of sleepy consciousness and our own human nature and biology.

Such statements may sound utopian, the fancies of a lobbyist for Atlantis, but nothing is more urgent today than the need to overcome the archaic constraints of tribalism, nationalism, and ecological mayhem. Time is warping, space is shrinking, and we have entered a period of global interdependence which the human species may not survive if we retain our lethal habits of consumption, aggrandizement, paranoia, and manipulation. Human life may end in a blaze of blinding light if we continue to restrict the mind, thwart its potential, and refuse its willingness to prepare for life in a universe larger than its aspiration, more complex than all its dreams.

It is time to educate or even redesign ourselves to the web of kinship and fellow-feeling necessary on this endangered planet, awakening the dormant potentials that were not necessary to humanity in its role as conqueror of nature and other people. We are challenged, as never before, to achieve a new humanity and a new way of nurturing the species to achieve its genius in harmony with nature and each other…

We must assume our existence as broadly as we in any way can; everything, even the unheard-of, must be possible in it. This is at bottom the only courage that is demanded of us: to have courage for the most strange, the most inexplicable.
~Rainer Maria Rilke

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2 Responses to “Redesigning Ourselves”

  1. Beverly Kocenko says:

    I have a tape I got from New Dimensions many years ago. Powerful as can be. I feel very moved by your words and continue to find great inspiration in the process.

  2. Jim Channon says:

    Aloha Jean,
    I echo your call for the protonauts of the world to get on with assembling a coherent set of skills under the banner of situational awareness and adaptive leadership. My small team of protonauts work on increasing their sensing skills, their processing skills, and their creative assembly skills. We have doted too long on scour the pot in your wounded psyche and then you’ll be fine. I urge assembling bundles of old and new skills so we can leave the industrial imperative to be just one thing, one job description, one faith etc.
    We look to the interdimensional age as having already arrived. We increased the speed and distance we could travel as beings in the last century. This century we will need a channel changer to access the many new dimensions available and then practice applying the skill bundles we have to turn that library into deliverable and valuble acts.
    Love you and love your callings. Jim Channon

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