Mystery School – the Last Year

May 26th, 2011 by Jean

As many of you know this year will be the final one for the mystery school, so anyone interested should look into attending one or more of the remaining sessions. It is designed to help people everywhere to be creative and active stewards at this time of extraordinary change and challenge. The Mystery School offers methods and trainings that extend body, mind, and soul in essential ways for those committed to making a profound difference in self, society, and the world.

To respond and become proactive in the mythic tasks that are now upon us, our basic human nature is challenged to deepen, discover, evolve. Rilke said it best. ‘We must assume our existence as broadly as we in any way can; everything, even the unheard-of must be possible in it. This is at bottom the only courage that is demanded of us: to have courage for the most strange, the most inexplicable.”

In the course of the Mystery School training, the participant is guided to an awareness that we are in a state of emergent properties, characteristics latent in us or emerging from us virtually unknown before, but, as of now, deeply required of us. We know that virtually all complex systems exhibit emergent properties as elements are added and complex behavior and capacities emerge. The emergence of unique, unexpected properties as individual components is combined into increasingly complex systems; these provide a greater simplicity and a higher order of usefulness. The most popular example of this is H in two parts added to O — what emerges is a brand new quality that neither H nor O has–namely Wetness! Now apply this analogy to human life and see what emergent new capacities emerge given the unique elements of challenge in which we live today.

We have seen in our time a countless number of small quantitative changes coming through our technologies, the character of our societies, the size of our populations, the massive crises and economic downfalls and their impact on the ecosystems –adding up to spectacular changes and results: together – these changes have created a time with growing complexity, unpredictability, and accelerated pace of events around us. It takes a very different sort of mind and body and spirit, not only to deal with this without breaking down, but also to be able to understand and offer solutions that would not appear in the usual mind set. And this is the mind set that we hope to gestate in the course of this book. And so we ask:

  • What are the characteristics of a new species?
  • What are the mysteries we contain?
  • What is really required that we need to develop in ourselves?

We recall Einstein’s quote, about it taking a different consciousness to solve a problem from the consciousness that created it. What is the nature of the different consciousness that can problem-solve? The Mystery School answers this question as well as provides evocative teaching that allows us to serve the deep process of life, and not simply to learn more about ourselves. The participants become explorers of the first order, Magellans of the mind, Columbuses of consciousness.

Regardless and in addition to the subjects we explore each session, the exploration shows that you have a body and a mind that is loaded with treasures and phenomenal capacities – capacities for thinking in many different ways—through images, words, feelings, music, intuition, that he or she is multi-modal in the ability to relate and understand the world from different perspectives. The Mystery School demonstrates ways of re-orchestrating the body for healing, for youthening, for experiencing ebullience in the bones. The school demonstrates that one can speak to one’s own brain—both head brain and heart brain directly, befriending it, entering into deep co-creative partnership with it to do remarkable things.

The school offers essential methods to enter into the creative realms of the mind wherein one finds the unexpected universe available to the participant for information, high creativity, and spiritual experience. We show how one can select for new possibilities and turn them into probabilities for one’s life: that one can be a co-creator in the design of social structures that enhance life rather than diminish it. Above all, that what one has deemed the extraordinary can become the ordinary and the necessary.

On the spiritual level, the school tells of the powerful guidance that is there for each for the asking, the partnership with principals and qualities that, for lack of better terms, throughout the ages have been designated in metaphorical form as angels, archetypes, helpers, the higher self, the Oversoul. These are principles which assist creation in the recreation and growth of ourselves to the fullness required to take on stewardship of this world at this unique moment in time.

Mystery schools and special studies throughout the ages of have always taught this. But now the need is greater than ever before, the stakes are higher, the well being of the earth Herself is at risk, and thus the teachings have to be more intense, even more outrageous to shock or surprise our everyday selves into deciding to cross the threshold into greater life. As Ralph Ellison said, “It takes a deep commitment to change; it takes an even deeper commitment to grow.” The Mystery School is offered in such a way as to quicken the charge to change and grow.

On a more philosophical level the book will show how we are that interface between creation itself and manifestation of that creation in this form, time and place. Creation is the ever-present origin; it is going on at every second. At every fraction of a second, the universe releases itself and renews itself. That’s a mystery and a stupendous one, and when we get into an awareness, understanding and deep feeling for it, everything in us shifts. From the study of those mystics and high creative types who have gotten into this state, we discover that suddenly the world enters into superb synchronicities, coincidences abound and things come one’s way to help one in the creative process. What occurs is a kind of serendipity of happenings. Further, helpful information comes from both the outer world as well as through inward inspiration in such a way as to seem almost miraculous.

Thus, The Mystery School takes you on a journey into the outer reaches of inner space: what we may call trans-dimensional thinking and living. One becomes willing to break on through to the other side.

How do we come to terms with the fact that we are the universe in miniature – with access to macro and microcosmic dimensions and all put in this little package called me and you in space-time? In the course of the school we learn how to activate the optimal templates of our humanity for the renewing of our bodies, the expansion of our intellects, and learning to live with soul-charging enjoyment of the opportunities that suddenly appear, which could not be seen while we were contained within the walls of the old story. In this way The Mystery School is truly a psyche-naut program, helping to put the first full human being on earth. The serious reader will discover an ecology of soul-driven living; how to fulfill the universe’s plan for you: when the Soul of the World and your soul come together. This is truly the tap-dance of kingdom come.

To learn more, visit Mystery School.

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